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""The Smuggler" by Blue Jacket Modelers"
Constructed by Jim Ingersoll

"The Smuggler" is a Mackerel Seine Net Fishing Schooner out of Gloucester, Ma. Vintage 1887. This scale is 1/48, and to keep it simple in my head, every ¼" is 1 foot in real life. This keeps me in the scale game and I won't be installing blocks that are 2 feet wide. hahaha Right now, I'm testing various filter washes and weathering techniques on the deck, scupper drains, deck furniture, and of course that nasty ole iron windless, anchors and attached chain. With me luck. This is my second build since joining the group. Still having the time of my life, even through the times of utter frustration. Patience and tenacity are the keys, and of course, a glass of Merlot helps too. C'ya at the next meeting

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